Business Accreditation

USCHE Accreditation for Businesses

The USCHE accreditation licenses is provided to companies and businesses established in America. The council examines and evaluates the overall performance of businesses on a yearly base.

Businesses accredited by USCHE have executed the quality assurance model to ensure their business meets international standards of quality in its goods and services.

USCHE lets a business to set reachable targets and establish a pathway of continual improvement. USCHE ensures businesses are committed to resolve any customer complaints promptly, leaving the customer satisfied.

USCHE issues accreditation licenses to businesses in America who aim to promote and encourage marketplace trust. USCHE makes sure to incorporate best practices, good market behavior, customer satisfaction, and quality of products and services that meet the standards of American students.

Accreditation for Universities

USCHE makes sure universities inform international standard of education that runs equally with its QA model.

Accreditation for Institutes

USCHE values the importance of student enrollment to any institution. Obtaining a status of accreditation from USCHE will allow the students to build their profile and help the institute to establish their credibility in the academic world.

Teamwork Networking Opportunity

USCHE through its wide network of member institutions around the world, facilitates collaborations and partnerships among its accredited academic institutions.