United States commission of Higher Education
Providing Solutions for Higher Education Advancement


It is of high importance that schools, colleges and universities go through critical evaluation of their programs and resources to maintain the standard set by the higher education commission.


USCHE provides equivalency to those individuals who are interested in obtaining further education as it plays an important role for students who are looking to use credit transfer facility.


USCHE also provides financial aid facility to private, non-private institutes and students for better provision of quality education.

Who We Are?

United States commission of Higher Education is a standardization agency intended to work towards providing best quality education among the academic institutes worldwide. We are always fueled and determined towards the advancement of higher education system. We provide accreditation to schools, institutes, and universities.

Who We Do?

USCHE seeks to provide quality assurance to institutes that are working on improving the academic standards from other global educational standards. We provide accreditations to help institutes gain a competitive edge over others in the educational world.

Benefits Offered

• Promotion Opportunity
• Networking Opportunity
• Affordable Accreditation
• Global Recognition
• Worldwide Acceptance of
Academic Credentials

Latest Events & News

Quality Assurance Session for Training Institutes & Higher Education

This seminar is geared towards boosting higher education standards and the level of knowledge and expertise among the applicants to strengthen their skill set with the help of education and training institutes.

USCHE Offers Programmatic Accreditation for Better Academic Profiles

USCHE analyzes the academic standards of school, colleges, and universities and evaluates whether they are offering high quality and valuable education to their students.

Exclusive Membership Benefits Offered At USCHE

USCHE is proud to declare a professional service of USCHE Membership to all the educational and training institutes.

Join USCHE and Become a Successful Member of Academic Network

Become a successful member of USCHE that supports schools, colleges, and universities through their professional services such as certification, accreditation, and membership and help them enhance them personally and professionally.

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